It’s important to acknowledge the importance of the footer design on your webpage, and it’s usually as important as the header. Why, you may ask? We will justify the reasoning behind this in the article, below, and, in addition, we will look at all the best website footer design examples.

Many experts will encourage you to put a lot of thought into designing your website. A very common occurrence is that complete emphasis is put on the homepage and the header, which usually leaves the footer untouched, with little creativity and focus paid to it.
In most cases, the designer simply doesn’t have enough time to focus on developing the website footer. Website footers, however, deserve better treatment than this, and many would actually note that the website footer is as important as the header. In certain cases, it can even be considered more important.

What Is the Argument for This?

Well, to fully see the importance of the footer, we have to understand what it is and its purpose on the website.

The website footer is the part of your site that will enable you to actually engage with your audience. For example, it can serve as a call-to-action (CTA) that will lead visitors to sign up for a particular service you are offering.

It also helps visitors find any articles they might be looking for on your website. Visitors who are looking for your contact information will find it on this part of your website

Also, here are some useful tips that you can apply when designing a footer:

  • Try to create a great visual hierarchy,
  • Be attentive to the white spaces, and
  • Separate your footer from the main content.

Web Footer Design Best Practices

You now have a pretty good idea why footer design for a website is important. The next step is finding the best feature(s) to incorporate into your footer to make it effective. The following ideas can be added to your design:


Tabpots are some of the best website footer design examples. They are technically created to be used for iOS devices such as the iPhone.
So, how do these work to make the address footer attractive? Their main function is to enable the creation of a very attractive final look. A particular set of icons is used to represent specific information in the footer, in this design example.

The Noun Project

All great website footers have an incorporated call-to-action. Many websites usually add large call-to-actions buttons which has been very effective in ensuring visitor interaction.

That being said, a good number of websites have taken this to the next level, for example The Noun Project. Not only can visitors click on the social media icons, they can also fill in a subscription form all in the footer.

The Noun Project header enables the business to market itself and has one of the best footer menu example.

Site Inspire

The most important thing that a new website or a blog has to prioritize is catching the attention of the visitor. This leads them to stay longer on the site. This role is played by links with up-to-date content added to the page within the footer.
In the footer of the Site Inspire, you will notice links to all the recent inspirational websites work. What makes this a good example is the impressive attention to simplicity while remaining functionally efficient.

Jarad Johnson

We used to think that adding a lot of info to the footer is a general rule, and it should be considered by almost any type of business. They say that if you are a freelance designer or your business has a physical address, adding numerous links, your contact and ‘about us’ information must be prioritized.

Still Jarad Johnson page has kept the content to a minimum. The footer only comprises of five icons and media links that will allow the visitor to get the email and contact the owner of the page. This is a very cool and neat approach to footer design for websites.

The Ministry of Type

The Ministry of Type‘s footer is yet another example that provides information about its author to help visitors relate to it, making it a very responsive footer.

You, too, can use your website footer to promote your freelancing work – or any other work you do – to visitors.

Bei Blog

The Bei Blog footer does not contain any contact information, whatsoever. It does not have a call-to-action, either; however, it uses another method of designing the website footer that has brought it a lot of success. When you check out their website’s blog, you will notice a neat background made of cartoon illustration.


A great way to use the footer is to make it a tool for cleaning up the principal navigation of your website. This simply means that you will have secondary navigation for the information on your website.

How is this done? In the case of

, all of the HTML links are placed inside the footer. This design results in a better navigation experience for visitors.

Large websites with a lot of Monocle content on them can follow the example of Monocle to improve the interaction between visitors and their websites.

Mom & Popcorn

This Website is all about gourmet popcorn. Its footer is designed in such a way that any visitor will easily find the particular sweet they are looking for. It also incorporates an interesting retro design to make it visually appealing. Additionally, the website provides a subscribe form. This will enable a visitor to know about releases of new flavors.

Cantilever Fish and Сhips

In this example, the website footer has incorporated the geographical location of the restaurant. It also shows other important information such as business hours and how to find restaurant.


Ditto specializes in selling eyewear. The advantage of this site is that customers can easily be guided through the process of selecting items to purchase. Also at the end of the page they have included a form that can enable any visitor to become a partner.

In Closing

Many more examples of great website footers can be found out there. The one we have showcased here offer some of the best ideas put effectively into practice.

Apart from using other website footers for inspiration, it is also important to understand the qualities of a great website footer.

Additionally, all website footers must have a copyright notice. A good copyright website footer example can be found on adventure.com. Other important features include good graphics, especially with the use of CSS, making sure your content is readable by staying aware of contrast and staying true to your main design trajectory.

Your website footer should also contain your logo which will be the visual representation of your company. Moreover, making the most of the space you have is very important. It is also very important to remember that simplicity works best for any footer, which is usually the case with a newsletter footer design.

We have looked at the basics of website footer design and know you understand what it takes to make yours as effective as some we have identified. You can contact our company with any questions related to footer design, to get started today!

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