Check The BIOS

This one can be a little scary if you’re brand new to PCs, and if that’s the case, you might want to enlist the help of a more experienced friend or family member.

Whether you go at it alone or with someone else, it might be a good idea to check for any BIOS updates from your motherboard manufacturer’s website (navigate to the support section).

You don’t necessarily have to install a newer BIOS version, depending on the release notes.

However, BIOS updates can sometimes improve compatibility with certain hardware, such as your CPU and memory.

If there is a newer version available that adds features applicable to your setup, go ahead and install it.

Otherwise, you may want to leave it alone.

Update Windows

Clear Out The Clutter

Install The Latest Drivers

Go Over The Edge And Get A New Browser

Grab Your Favorite Utilities With Ninite

Do you use a lot of different programs on your PC, such as TeamViewer, 7-Zip, and VLC, to name a few favorites?

If so, head to Ninite and start checking boxes.

Unlike PC Decrapifier, which works its mojo by removing programs in one fell swoop, Ninite works in the opposite direction by streamlining the process of adding multiple applications to your PC.

It’s incredibly convenient, and also well configured—it knows to install 64-bit versions of programs on 64-bit machines, it grabs the latest stable version of an app, and it doesn’t install any toolbars or other junk that app makers sometimes like to bundle with their installers.

Basically, Ninite does what you do, only faster and with less clicks.

Benchmark Your Hardware

Protect your PC

Add Another Layer Of Protection

Formulate A Backup Plan


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