The choice of a WordPress template for your site is similar to the choice of WordPress hosting. You will surely take your time and consider your needs before making a choice. However, the wide selection of free templates in the market, both in the WordPress Template Directory and on third-party sites, makes it difficult to reduce the options to the best.

Although we certainly can’t show you all the templates available for your site, we can highlight some of the best free WordPress templates. Our selection offers variety and functionality. You can find templates for almost any niche in this list, including e-commerce, news, business and photography.

In this post, we will discuss the importance of choosing the right template. Next, we will take a look at more than thirty templates that you might consider for your WordPress site in 2019.

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What to look for in a WordPress template

Simply put, a theme or template is a collection of files that control the way your site’s content is displayed. Without a template in place, your website would essentially appear as a skeleton. It would include the main components, such as its content and characteristics, but would not have any “skin” that controls its appearance.

You can find appropriate website templates for many niches and purposes, especially for WordPress sites. Some are free (like the ones we’ve included below), while others are premium (which contain more advanced features at a cost). Choosing a template can seem overwhelming, however, especially with the thousands of options available. To provide you with some guidance, here are some things you should look for during your exploration:

  • Main features and functionality. While you’re looking for WordPress templates, keep in mind the various features and functionalities that your site will need. For example, an e-commerce site requires integration with shopping cart plugins. For a business template, including a powerful landing page would be very useful.
  • User reviews and ratings. Previous and current user reviews can give you an idea of ​​each template, including its benefits and disadvantages. Although you should not take each review as the final word, it helps to consider as many as possible before making a decision.
  • Support for developers and frequent updates. Without proper backing in place, a template may become obsolete. The choice of a template with frequent updates and the consistent introduction of the developer is important if you want to maintain the integrity of your site.

Before you start your search, it is better to make a list of the features you need.

The 17 best free WordPress templates for 2019

Taking into account the criteria mentioned above, the following forty templates have been chosen for their wide variety of features and functionality. In addition, all have ratings of at least four out of five stars, and have been updated in the last six months.

This template is ideal for freelancers, agencies, and companies looking for a highly personalized business template, Sydney is an excellent choice. Incorporating a full screen slider, simple navigation and logo loading function, this template offers a lot of elements that serve professional-looking websites. However, with access to all Google fonts and full control over design and color options, there are also lots of customizations to help match your design to your specific brand.

Additional features include mobile responsiveness, social icon integration and full translation capabilities, essentially everything you will need to run a complete and functional business website.

If you need a WordPress template full of premium features, including custom widgets, a drag-and-drop page generator and an integrated portfolio, but without the price, Flash must surpass your list.

This unique free template offers multiple pre-built demos that you can easily install on your site with the ThemeGrill demo importer. Of course, you also have the option (and the necessary tools) to build your own site. With Flash, you can create a blog, a business website or a one-page portfolio site to highlight your work.

If you are an experienced beginner or developer, you will also benefit from free documentation. Highlight the various features and design options of the template, and you can refer to it to make your site run as quickly as possible.

Sometimes all you need is an online store that is simple to display your products and make sales. With Shopera, you get this. It is a modern and responsive store template that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. It incorporates a number of e-commerce benefits, including an optional scroll button to the top and the ability to load your own logo.

Getting started with Shopera is simple, making it a great template for those who start with an online store. However, the design and development options available are also complex enough to be suitable for more advanced WordPress users and developers.

With Llorix One Lite, you can create an elegant website with a modern and minimalist touch. This template incorporates a full screen image on the cover and integrates with a variety of popular plugins (such as WooCommerce, MetaSlider and bbPress).

Llorix One Lite offers premium features, so you can create a functional website quickly. However, you can also take the time to customize the site according to your needs. In the end, you will have created a premium-looking site with minimal effort and investment.

A clean and minimalist design can impress your website visitors and potential customers. That’s where Spacious stands out, although minimalism is not its only selling point.

With access to premium features, Spacious can be used to seamlessly create a professional-looking site for businesses, agencies, freelancers, and much more. This is a WordPress template with great versatility, including pre-built page layouts and 13 custom widget areas. In addition, you can use the customizer to add a logo, incorporate social links and even customize the slider of the first page. You will be impressed at everything you can do with Spacious.

While you may be tempted to choose a template with all the bells and whistles, sometimes it’s very simple is the way to go. Striker is one of those templates, perfect for rookie website owners and bloggers looking for a solid start.

Striker offers a crisp design that you can use as is, or customize as you would like. Customization options include the ability to add your own logo, header, background and social links. You can also incorporate the color scheme of your brand, and you even have the option to add in the highlighted areas. A built-in slider tops the pages, and the responsiveness of the template means that it looks great on all devices. If you are a total beginner, you can also find extensive documentation of the template very useful.

Both beginners and advanced users will appreciate the simplicity and customization options offered by this Bootstrap-based template. You can create virtually any site you want with Virtue, be it a seller, agency or blogger. It allows you to create a complete e-commerce store (or incorporate smaller elements of the store on your site), display your latest and best projects, or simply keep the focus on your blog.

Perhaps one of the most useful features of this template is the integration of Schema microdata. This will not only help search engines track your site more efficiently, but, as a result, you will rank better on search engine results pages.

Shapely is a one-page WordPress template that allows you to create stunning landing pages, portfolio sites or personal websites with the help of flexible widgets. Essentially, Shapely is designed as a one-stop shop for WordPress templates.

As users scroll down the page, bits of bite size information can be fed through widget sections. Options include testimonials, portfolios, information on services and products, and more. This free template also includes a lot of documentation that will teach you how to properly install the template, set up your page, and incorporate each widget section effortlessly.

As the name implies, Customizr is an easy to customize template that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. With it, you can create beautiful and mobile-friendly websites, whether for your blog, e-commerce or business store. You can also incorporate premium features into your site, including blurbs (which include an icon and descriptive text) and social media icons, and integrate the template with popular plugins such as WooCommerce and bbPress.

You don’t know where to start? Customizr offers documentation that makes it easy to learn how to use the template correctly – and its wide range of features – to the fullest.

Although it was created with online store owners and business agencies in mind, iFeature is a versatile template that you can use for almost any purpose. If you can drag and drop, you can create a website with iFeature. The design options can be applied globally or you can customize your site page by page, which offers you almost endless possibilities.

In addition, iFeature responds fully through popular touch-sensitive devices, including smartphones and tablets. Users can fully interact with all the elements of your website, and you can ensure that your experience is as smooth and compelling as possible.

optmizer 1

Optimizer is a free WordPress template that allows you to create essentially any website – full-width or boxed – without the need for prior experience. Built with HTML5 and CSS3, this template is responsive, SEO-friendly, and mobile-optimized is ready out of the box. In addition, you can use the live editor to fully customize your site.

For a beautiful landing page, you can incorporate the image slider or use the powerful template options to create a portfolio site that shows your best work. Anyone can benefit from the features that the Optimizer has to offer, including small businesses, agencies, freelancers and more

Offering a carousel-type slider, a place to place ads, and even a review system, IsleMag can help you create the modern and eye-catching magazine website you require. With its standard magazine homepage model, this template allows you to create a powerful site dedicated to your industry of choice.

In addition, you can add your own social links to encourage visitors to interact with your content. Moreover, this template easily integrates with many other popular add-ons, such as SiteOrigin Page Builder, Jetpack and Contact Form 7 (just to name a few). These add-ons will further expand the functionality of your site.

Another option for magazine style sites is MH Magazine Lite. By using their practical category tabs, ad placements and the first page slider, you can easily take your website to the next level.

This WordPress template allows you to create a dynamic and versatile site with its drag-and-drop design modules and 13 widget areas (including locations within the footer and sidebar). You can create almost any design you can imagine, for virtually any niche. If you wish, you can upgrade to the Premium template, MH Magazine, but we find that the free version has almost everything you need for your magazine site

The modern is combined with the traditional in this fully customizable template for your business website. Moesia offers a lot in the way of flexibility and professionalism, and is a great template for beginners who have just started.

The heart of Moesia is the homepage. You can choose from 11 dedicated, pre-built blocks – which can be individually designed – and organize them as you wish. In addition, you have two blog designs to choose from and access to a selection of Google sources. Finally, this template comes with social integration options so that your visitors can connect with you through their social media profiles. Of course, this also means that there is no need for an independent social icon plugin.

The quintessential template for your business or professional portfolio, Corporate Plus is an attractive option for all your business website needs. You can incorporate a full width slider, over section, service section and contact section in your home page for a fully functional one page site. Alternatively, you can add these features to different web pages for a multi-page experience.

If you are looking to expand your business offers, you will also be happy to learn Corporate Plus, it is compatible with WooCommerce. That means you can sell physical and digital products, all from the comfort of your own site.

If you want to create a portfolio or site for your company, you will want a clean and professional template to work with. That’s where Vantage comes from, offering a crisp and modern look for creatives and business owners alike. Perhaps the most powerful feature of Vantage is its close integration with powerful plugins, such as Page Builder and Meta Slider, which allows you to create an attractive and interactive site.

In addition, business owners can benefit from the seamless integration of Vantage with WooCommerce. Other notable features include a filtered grid display option for photographs, illustrations and published works, as well as threaded comments so that your visitors can easily participate with you and each other.

With the growth in online sales, it’s never too late to jump on the car and create your own e-commerce store – and Storefront can help you. Since this template comes from WooCommerce developers, the e-commerce platform can be effortlessly integrated into your site and start selling immediately.

In addition, with the large number of WooCommerce extensions available, you can add subscriptions or reservations to your product lists, create a dynamic pricing table and much more. In addition, you can incorporate an impressive parallax background on the cover and create custom product galleries using the various options available to you.

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