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About Wikicat

Wikicat is a page focused on guiding the most demanding readers in the acquisition of products and services.

We produce shopping guides with high quality information to guide users towards the most intelligent purchase.

To this end we thoroughly investigate the various aspects that revolve around a product (as well as the article itself).

The information we collect is processed and presented in a clear and complete way for consumers.

Through our effective shopping guides and recommendations, we aim to promote a more rational consumer culture.

The goal is for users to be well oriented towards any product they wish to purchase in the online marketplace.

How do we work?

We do our best to offer clear and complete content, carrying out an in-depth investigation on the inherent aspects of the product you wish to talk about, as well as looking for those doubts that are frequent among consumers.

In order to provide accurate information, we have developed our working method as follows:

Research and Evaluation

We extract from each source the most important information to answer the questions of the users.

Our Opinions

We evaluate the products carefully and investigate to give our opinion.

Users Opinions

We search and read comments, opinions, and evaluations of users to better analyze the product or service.

Choice of products and themes

Our creative managers make a selection of both products and current topics of interest to guide readers in their purchases.

This with the aim of providing information that responds to the concerns prior to the purchase of a particular article.

Exploratory stage

During this first stage, the writers of Monederosmart.com are dedicated to locating sources of quality information and specialized documents that contain information related to the product of which they intend to write.

Similarly, during this phase professionals and experts are identified who can provide useful and interesting information for the development of the article.

Raising the key questions

The writer of Wikicat must carry out a survey during this stage that helps him to determine which are the most frequent doubts among the users of the product in question.

Later, with the greater possible objectivity, it is determined which questions will be answered as a result of the investigation.

Comprehensive reading and data collection

In this phase the editors of Wikicat, guided by the key questions chosen in the previous stage, make an exhaustive reading of the documents and sources of information found related to the product.

Segments of valuable and precise information are extracted that later will serve to respond to these key questions, as well as to select the best products offered in the market, and for the accomplishment of the article in its totality.

Choice of products, independent of manufacturers

In order to determine which are the best articles in the market, our writers take as a basis criteria such as quality of manufacturing materials, power, capacity, speed, resistance, in addition to those resulting from previous research.

In addition, an analysis is made of the ratings and comments that other users have given to the selected articles, so that an objective and realistic comparison and recommendation can be made, completely independent of that of the product manufacturers.

Links are also provided to online stores where users can find such items, which can range from toys to specialized electronic devices.

Article writing

Already with all the relevant information gathered, the writers of Wikicat present their findings in a clear, concise, and enjoyable way.

For it, they make use of lists, tables, and an ordered structure that allows the user to read what interests him more.

In this way, each reader has at his disposal serious, reliable, and high quality articles.

In addition, we try to ensure that all the data and arguments that appear in the various shopping guides are properly supported with a citation or bibliographic reference, which is usually presented at the end of each article.

Correction and formatting

Wikicat also has a professional and specialized team of both proofreaders and expert web programmers who make our articles the best in their category.

We look for to minimize any type of error that could appear in the guides of purchase that we offer to our readers.

We want to provide serious, true and uniquely designed information.

Readers' assessment and consultation

Your opinion is very important to us, your assessments, and above all, your questions.

At Wikicat we want to give you the best and most complete experience prior to your purchase process, so we will always try to solve your doubts in the most complete and quickest way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our company is not a provider of financial products or services.

We write informative articles and shopping guides on various consumer topics.

Generally, we do not receive money directly from the manufacturers of the recommended services.

However, we do link to different online stores with whom we have commercial affiliation.

You can contact us via the contact form on the contact page.

Communication with our readers is a priority for our company, we will always try to answer you in the shortest time possible.

The relationship between commercial affiliation and informative writing on the subject is often notorious for a variety of reasons.

However, with the right process, with objective journalists and with the right philosophy, these areas should not be disparate.

At Wikicat we are 100% committed to the quality of information.

Similarly, we do not recommend services or products of dubious origin, low quality or that do not correspond to our brand philosophy.

A shopping guide is a type of informative article with the aim of guiding consumers to make a conscious, intelligent and accurate purchase.

Normally, the articles follow a structure where the most frequent questions of the users regarding the product or service are answered.

Of course, we only work with online stores that are secure and have a shipping guarantee.

The variety in the markets is so great that pointing out the “one and only” product is virtually impossible.

However, researchers at Wikicat do a thorough review of the landscape for each product.

They only review articles of the highest quality and with a profile that shows confidence.

Meet our team!

Wikicat HD

Jonathan Terreo

Writing for me is not only a necessity, but a passion. As a child I remember always reading and writing, always with a curiosity that seemed to have no limit. I also remember when my first computer fell into my hands. I still retain the same fascination for technology, the same curiosity.

Wikicat HD

Angel Matos

Technology has always been my passion, and always will be. Seeing the progress of technology excites me. My focus is on creating unique items with authentic information to help you in your ideal purchase. For me, more than a trade, writing is a way of life.

About Jet Studio Software

Wikicat is part of the Jet Studio Software publishing family.

Jet Studio Software brands have been helping people find answers, solve problems, and get inspired.

Jet Studio Software founders are proud of its brands and the people they helped.

Here is an overview of our properties:

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