The Anti-Malware market is full of programs and apps that say “Best Anti-Malware” or “Most Powerfull Anti-Malware”.

But there is a lot of Anti-Malware that is not protecting your Windows PC at all.

Some of them are completely fake.

So what are the best options to protect my Windows PC?

and do I really need an anti-malware software?

Let’s get started!

What is an Anti-Malware Software?

Anti-Malware Softwares are programs or apps that protect your device against malware and viruses.

Anti-Malware Software can detect treads limited to its malware database.

So more big is the database, which means better protection.

Today’s Anti-Malware Software is a bit confusing because of its options and settings.

Do I really need an Anti-Malware Software?

Depending on what do you do on your Windows PC, there are different and many options.

If you always download programs from internet, or if you are using an out-dated Windows version, then yes.

What about Windows Defender?

Windows 10 has a built-in Anti-Malware Software, called Windows Defender.

Windows Defender is a really good Anti-Malware.

Windows Defender can detect millions of malware, but the real good is Ransomware protection.

Windows Defender turns off when another Anti-Malware Software is installed.

Can I use more than one Anti-Malware Software?

It depends on with Anti-Malware program do you use.

It’s not recommended using more than one Anti-Malware Software.

When using more than one Anti-Malware Software it can slow your Windows PC.

That also can be dangerous because of detection conflicts, and other uncomatibility issues.

How I test Anti-Malware Softwares

I have two types of tests:


I use destructive malware, manually change Windows core files, introduce malware into the malware directory, and more 🙂


I visit pishing and dangerous website via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.

I also try to download dangerous files, third-party downloaders, and illegal software activators.

Best Anti-Malware Software for Windows

I have tested a lot of Anti-Malware Softwares.

Here is the full list with reposts:

1. Kasperky Cloud Security Free

Kaspersky Cloud Security Free is just the best full protection you can have on Windows 10.

Kaspersky has one of the biggest malware databases in the world.

With more than 10 million active installs, I personally recommend you Kaspersky Cloud Security Free because it’s free for home users.

Kaspersky like other Anti-Malware Software has real-time protection, a really good firewall, and a free password manager.

The password manager is completely free without ads or data sales.

Kaspersky is also available for iOS and Android.

For advanced control, for example, Kids security, I recommend it to restrict kids to see some stuff that you block.

Another thing that I saw using Kaspersky Cloud Security Free is that it also scans .bat and .cmd files, that’s awesome!

Should I choose Kaspersky Cloud Free Security?


If you already have a VPN, then Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is your best malware fighter option.

By the way, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is always up-to-date and completely free.

Because it’s free, it doesn’t mean that they sell your data.

By installing Kaspersky you can choose to don’t share any data to Kaspersky.

However, the only con of Kaspersky is that the scan takes too much time.

About one hour to scan a 225GB Windows 10 Laptop with Intel Core i5 7th.

But the live protection block all threats, so you don’t need to scan the whole PC more than 1 time every two weeks.

2. Avast Premium Security (Premier)

Avast Premium Security is a great alternative if you don’t trust Kaspersky.

Avast is the second-best Anti-Malware Software.

Already the most popular and used Anti-Malware Software in the world.

Avast just looks good, I really love its graphics, in short, Avast is cool!

I used Avast since 2015 and no malware was not caught by Avast.

Like Kaspersky, Avast has also one of the biggest malware databases.

I highly recommend Avast to people who don’t much understand Windows and technology in general just because Avast is really simple to use.

If you want a full protection using Avast, then you need to buy Avast Premium Security.

The free version is not the best protenction, that’s because I don’t recommend it.

Should I use Avast Premium Security?

Well, if you want to use Avast, you absolutely need to pay Avast Premium Security.

Avast Premium Security gives you full protection, not like the free version.

Avast is a good Anti-Malware Software for people that don’t really care about security but want to be secure.

I have installed Avast on my parents Windows PC because is simple to use.

3. Malwarebytes Premium

I love Malwarebytes.

Actually I’m using Malwarebytes Free with Kaspersky Security Cloud Free.

Malwarebytes is like a full Anti-Spyware just because it detect all Adwares and Spywares.

For example, when Malwarebytes scans it always find PUP.Optional.* in Google Chrome, advertising you know.

Should I use Malwarebytes?

Of course!

Malwarebytes works everywhere and with other Anti-Malware Software like Avast and Kaspersky.

Malwarebytes can detect threads that Kaspersky and Avast can’t, absolutely a big deal.

I use the free version because I just use the Malwarebytes scan function.

Malwarebytes is in my must-have list.

4. Windows Defender

Yep! Windows Defender.

Maybe you don’t really trust Windows Defender but.

Actually Windows Defender is having the best records in Windows 10 protection.

Maybe Windows Defender is or will be the best Anti-Malware Software, I don’t really know.

I just scan the whole PC from time to time, because Windows Defender is made by Microsoft, and Microsoft know-how Windows core files are.

Yes Windows core files, Windows Defender is the best option to scan and detect issues on the Windows core files.

When you install an Anti-Malware Software, Windows Defender turns off automatically.

So you will don’t have any incompatibility issues.

Should I only use Windows Defender?

Lol, what?


Windows Defender can be easily turned off by a program with admin privileges, not a big deal!

But sure you can use Windows Defender to scan Windows, with is the best way to know that Windows core files are not corrupted.

P.S. Windows Defender is free if Windows is activated.

5. Norton Security

Norton Security is an old-school Anti-Malware Software.

Trusted by big companies, Norton is one of the best Windows Anti-Malware Software.

I recommend to use Norton for business stuff, but here is my opinion.

Norton is the best on performance, it is smooth, you don’t see the difference when Norton Security is installed.

Like Avast and Kaspersky, Norton has one of the biggest malware databases.

Should I use Norton Security?

Well here are the facts.

If you play games then Norton Security is the best option you can choose.

Norton doesn’t use much CPU and RAM.

It is also simple to use.

Like Avast, if you want to use Norton I highly recommend that you buy it.

To be sure, Norton offer a trial, like that you can test it on games or whatever you want.


I hope I helped you to understand how to protect your Windows PC, and what are the best options.

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Thanks for reading.



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