Beats Headphones: What are the best of 2020?

Beats Headphones: What are the best of 2020? 1

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Today, the market is driven by trends and even more so in a society like ours in which image plays such an important role.

Beats hearing systems combine functions with an attractive design.

And it is the latter, together with a clever advertising campaign, that is the main reason for their popularity.

However, choosing which Beats headphones to buy is not as simple as it might seem.

It’s not just a matter of choosing the most attractive design.

There are many other factors to consider.

Especially when there are so many models available.

In any case, to make it easier for you, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide for you.

  • One of the essential features of Beats headphones is that they are especially bass boosting.
  • When you buy a Beats hearing aid, you are buying image and technology. This is one of the reasons why they are often more expensive than headphones from other brands with similar features.
  • The Beats brand was acquired by Apple in 2014, leading to the addition of Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Dre to the apple brand.

The best Beats headphones on the market: our favorites

You, who love Beats headphones, will surely be a little confused by the wide variety of models.

That’s why we’ve put together this section of the best Beats headphones on the market today.

Are you ready to choose the best of the best based on your needs?

If so, let’s get started!

  • PowerBeats 3, the best headphones for training.
  • PowerBeats 2, the best headphones with the best connection.
  • Beats Solo 3, the best Beats headphones with the largest battery.
  • Beats Studio 3, the best headphones for an unforgettable experience.

PowerBeats 3, the best headphones for training

A unique and completely sporty design make the in – Ear PowerBeats 3 headphones completely ideal for your sports training.

These headphones typically last up to 12 hours.

They feature Fast Fuel technology, so every time you charge them for 5 minutes, they will give you a duration of 1 hour.

They are sweat and water resistant.

There are different sizes for everyone.

Where to buy

PowerBeats 2, the best headphones with the best connection

The PowerBeats 2 headset gives you the ability to connect up to 30 feet (9.14 m) away from your Bluetooth devices.

So you can move freely and stay focused on your training.

They are water and sweat resistant, even in large quantities.

Their powerful bass and noise isolation through each earpiece will give you a unique listening experience.

They are ideal for rigorous training conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

Where to buy

Beats Solo 3, the best Beats headphones with the largest battery

Can you imagine having a headset that offers you music all day long without having to charge it?

If so, then Beats Solo 3 will make your dream come true, as they offer a 40-hour lifetime.

They also have a Fast Fuel function, where a 5-minute charge will give you 3 hours of listening time.

The playback is high quality with well adjusted acoustics that maximize the clarity, width and balance of your music.

Where to buy

Beats Studio 3, the best headphones for an unforgettable experience

The Beats Studio 3 headphones will give you an unforgettable music experience, as their Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation will block out distractions so you can get closer to your music.

The Soft Over Ear Cushions offer advanced ventilation and an ergonomic pivot for any head type.

They charge in minutes and take up to 22 hours of continuous use or 40 hours at rest.

It’s easy to pair them with your devices.

Where to buy

Shopping guide: What you should know about Beats headphones

When buying a hearing aid, you need to consider a number of important issues.

Don’t forget that there are different models of Beats headphones and that each one is designed for a different use.

That’s why we’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions from buyers in this section.

What are Beats headphones, to be exact?

Headphones are nothing more than electronic devices that can transform an electrical signal into a sound signal and can be heard with speakers near the ears.

In the specific case of Beats headphones, they are those designed by the prestigious brand Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats).

A fundamental characteristic of Beats headphones is that they have been created to give much more presence to the bass.

Another aspect they stand out from the rest is that they are designed with great care and are very attractive.

They offer different models with different features and in various colors.

What is the origin of Beats headphones?

The company Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats), currently owned by Apple, was founded in 2008.

The creators were rap and hip-hop musician and producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Jimmy Lovine, president of Interscope-Geffen-A&M.

From the beginning, they focused on the high-end hearing aid market.

From the beginning, their product promotion was based on collaboration with musicians and celebrities.

Among them was basketball player Lebron James, who also invested in the company.

The company’s success was such that six years later, in 2014, Apple decided to acquire it to position itself in the sector.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Beats headphones?

There is no doubt that the great advantage of Beats headphones is their attractive design.

Unfortunately, this would end up being: paying a higher price than you would for a model of another brand with similar features.

Because when you buy a Beats hearing aid, you are buying technology and image.


  • They have a really attractive design. With them you’ll be truly on the cutting edge of fashion.
  • There are many and varied models, each adapted to a specific type of audience.
  • They are backed by an Apple-owned brand, which is always a guarantee of quality.


  • It is usually more expensive than other headphones with similar features.
  • According to some opinions they color the sound by amplifying the bass frequencies.

Is it worth buying a Beats headphones?

If you care about your outfit and are a lover of design, then the answer is yes.

In addition, they offer excellent quality standards.

However, if you are looking for a cheap hearing aid, then Beats is not the best choice.

From then on, the answer is only yours.

Who should buy a Beats headphones?

Of course, the Beats headphones are an excellent choice for rap and hip-hop lovers.

And if you want to enjoy a carefully designed and attractive headset, don’t hesitate, they are the perfect choice for you.

And they come with the quality guarantee of a prestigious brand, which is also backed by Apple.

What kind of Beats headphones are there?

The truth is that hearing aids can be classified according to different criteria.

One possibility is to do so according to the type of connection they have.

You can also choose to classify them according to the quality of sound they offer.

In general, however, the most common way to classify hearing aids is by their design or shape.

Thus, four types can be distinguished: earphones, in-ear hearing aids, supra-aural hearing aids or circumaural hearing aids.

You can see their main features in the table below.

In addition, in the table, we have also included the Beats hearing aid models that fit each type.

Purchase criteria

When buying a Beats hearing aid, it is important that you consider a number of criteria.

To help you in the selection process, we have selected the ones we consider most important.

We hope that they will guide you through your purchase and help you get the best possible value for money.

  • Sound Quality.
  • What you’ll be using your hearing aids for.
  • Connectivity.
  • Design, weight and size.
  • Battery life.
  • Additional features and accessories.

Sound quality

We will not fool ourselves, the best way to know the sound quality of a hearing aid is to try it.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

In this situation, all you have to do is look at the technical specifications.

Pay attention to the impedance (ohm), the sensitivity (dB) and the frequency range (Hz).

It is best to cover a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz or as close as possible.

Regarding impedance, it is important not to be high. Values between 16 and 60 ohms are good.

On the other hand, each 3 dB increase in sensitivity allows the power required to reach a given volume to be halved.

What you'll be using your hearing aids for

Depending on your use of the hearing aids, you may be more interested in one model or another.

So, if you are planning to use them mainly for sports, you could use the Beats PowerBeats 3.

However, if you want to wear them to your best advantage, you should consider the Beats Studio Wireless.

However, if you are going to make intensive use of them, it is better to choose the Beats Urbeats3 and their magnificent ergonomic design.

For those who travel frequently or do not have much time to charge the batteries of the headphones, it is recommended to opt for models that connect to the player through a cable.


Wireless headphones are usually connected via Bluetooth.

However, you shouldn’t just stand there, it’s important to find out which specific version of Bluetooth they use.

The most current version is version 5.1, which will of course be the one with the best features.

Those who connect by cable usually do so through the 3.5 mm mini-jack input.

This type of connection guarantees a more stable sound, without cuts or signal interference.

With them, however, you lose out on comfort.

Those uncomfortable keys that get caught up in everything, especially at the most inopportune moment.

Beats Studio 3 Review

Design, weight and size

In the case of Beats hearing aids, design is a key issue, not least because they are often chosen for their image.

As far as the shape of their wings is concerned, you can choose between button-shaped, in-ear or supra-aural types, which are generally shaped like a headband.

Of course, it’s the latter that will give you the best HiFi experience.

Ultimately, design, weight and size will have a major influence on aspects such as sound fidelity, portability and aesthetics.

Battery life

If you opt for a Beats headset that connects via Bluetooth, please consider this criterion.

And not only the battery or batteries’ autonomy, but also their charging time and duration.

These factors are crucial to ensure that you can enjoy your headphones to the fullest and don’t get stuck in the middle of one of your favorite songs.

The fact that they have the Fast Fuel system is a plus, as it allows you to prolong the use of your headphones with a charge of just five or ten minutes.

And believe us, you’ll be grateful to have this possibility.

Especially on those long trips by plane or train when you have no way of charging them.

Additional features and accessories

Some of the most common additional features of the Beats headset are the microphone and the RemoteTalk cable for answering calls.

Some, like the PowerBeats 3, also include a central multi-function button that can access Siri and Google via voice control.

An extra point when buying a headset is the number of accessories included.

Some of the most common are: extra pads or attachments.

In some cases the package also includes cases to carry the headphones and even Beats stickers for free advertising.


There’s no doubt that when you buy a Beats headset, you’re not just buying a device to listen to your favorite music.

You’re also getting design and a brand image.

However, it’s no less important to choose a good device that meets your expectations in every way.

To do this, you need to consider a variety of buying criteria.

Many of them are the traditional ones when buying any product.

Others are more specific.

Such is the case with connectivity and sound quality. And even more so when you consider the large number and variety of models the brand has.

Finally, if you feel that this guide helped you in your choice process, you can leave us a comment or share it in your social networks.

We want to hear from you!

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