Computer Speakers: What are the best of 2020?

Computer Speakers: What are the best of 2020? 1

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Whether it’s listening to music, watching movies or enjoying the latest in video games, good computer speakers never hurt.

However, the market is very wide and complex.

This can make it difficult for you to make the right decision.

But that’s why you’ve come this far, so that we can help you!

When buying one of the best computer speakers you should consider many things.

Are you looking for a wireless one or don’t you care if it still uses cables?

Do you prefer an all-terrain model or are you looking for computer speakers for very specific purposes?

There are many questions that we will try to answer for you.

  • The power of the speakers is not synonymous with quality. More than 20 watts is usually more than enough. If you’re looking for a clean or rich textured sound it’s more important to focus on things like frequency ranges.
  • The best computer speakers can be wireless. However, you have to evaluate the codecs that are compatible with them. Depending on the sound quality you are looking for or the use you want to make of them, you should choose one or the other.
  • If you want some computer speakers to watch movies you should buy a 5.1. But you must be careful, because not all 5.1 systems are compatible with computers. However, there are adapters in case you need them.

The best computer speakers on the market: our recommendations

Until not so long ago the range of computer speakers was not very wide.

However, in the last fifteen years it has increased exponentially.

Below we tell you all about the five most striking models of computer speakers on the market today.

Low/medium range computer speakers

This AmazonBasics model has the classic computer speaker design.

They are affordable 2.0 speakers and low/medium range.

They connect to the computer via a USB cable and have a 3.5 mm jack output for connecting headphones.

They are controlled using a control button on one of the speakers.

Where to buy

The best 2.1 speakers

These speakers are the model Z323 from Logitech, a brand known for offering good quality products.

They are 2.1 type, which means they have two side speakers and a subwoofer.

These speakers are connected to the computer via cables, which are built into the product.

They have a 3.5 mm jack output.

Where to buy

Online shoppers' favorite speakers

This is another offer from AmazonBasics and stands out as one of the best-selling models on the online market.

It consists of 2.0 speakers with dynamic sound.

These speakers are connected to the computer through a USB cable that gives them power and a 35 mm jack cable for the sound.

They are portable and easy to handle.

Where to buy

The computer bar speaker

This Gogroove model has a nice design consisting of a bar where the speaker is incorporated.

It has two supports: one to install it on your computer monitor horizontally and another to place it vertically on your desk.

They have a wide range of PC compatibility.

They do not require installation, just connect it with the cable and start using it.

Where to buy

Wireless computer speakers

These uniquely designed Delton brand speakers are ideal not only for computers, but also for other devices such as tablets and smartphones.

They connect via Bluetooth, but also have an auxiliary cable.

Its battery is rechargeable and is charged through a USB cable.

They have a built-in microphone.

Where to buy

Shopping guide: What you need to know about computer speakers

For both audiophiles and ordinary mortals, computer speakers are an indispensable peripheral.

Buying the best can enhance your user experience.

But to enjoy your favorite games and movies in good sound quality, you need to know a few things about computer speakers first!

What are computer speakers?

Computer speakers are peripherals designed to improve the sound quality of a computer device.

Their design is usually focused on the gaming world.

Thanks to it, you can enjoy a unique user experience.

It serves to get you deep into the games.

However, many computer speakers can have other types of functions. Because they’re not just for play.

Some models such as 5.1 surround speakers are perfect for watching series or movies.

Those with wide frequency ranges are a great choice for listening to music.

As you can see, there is a world of possibilities!

What types of computer speakers are there?

Choosing between the two models of computer speakers depends on several factors. First, you must assess what you want them for.

Also the space you have is important, because depending on the type of speakers you choose you will have to manage more or less elements.

You can choose between computer speakers 2.0, 2.1 and 5.1:

Each one of them presents notable differences.

Their advantages and disadvantages determine the sound quality and the settings in which they best fit.

What is impedance on computer speakers?

The world of speakers is complex, there are many aspects that affect their development and performance.

But to be more specific, here we are going to talk about the impedance of computer speakers.

Impedance is an aspect that is measured in ohms and reflects the resistance to the passage of electrical current.

Lower impedance means better passage of electrical current through the speakers.

This means that the sound will be more faithful to the original.

But be careful, if the impedance of your speakers is higher than the impedance of the device that is making the sound, you won’t hear anything.

What is the frequency range on computer speakers?

As María Morell and Pablo Gil-Loyzaga, experts in human hearing, rightly point out, “the human ear perceives frequencies between 20 Hz (lower tone) and 20 kHZ (higher tone)”.

Basses range from 10 Hz to 256 Hz, mids from 256 Hz to 2000 Hz and highs from 2000 Hz to 20 000 (20 kHZ).

The best computer speakers take into account these limits and the possibilities of the human ear.

A speaker capable of reproducing minimum frequencies of 18 Hz and maximum frequencies of 20 000 Hz is of high quality.

Considering the frequency range is helpful when deciding between a speaker that is more focused on highs, lows or balanced.

What is computer speaker sensitivity?

The sensitivity of computer speakers is expressed in decibels (dB).

It indicates the maximum intensity of sound generated by a sound pressure on your ear.

Another way of saying this, which is a bit imprecise, is to define it as the maximum volume the speaker is capable of delivering.

Note that 140 dB represents the maximum or threshold of pain.

Therefore, the usual limit is 100 dB.

This does relate directly to power.

Expressed in RMS, it indicates the maximum the speaker can reproduce before it starts distorting the sound.

Exceeding that threshold can seriously damage your speakers.

What are track numbers on computer speakers?

The best computer speakers use a series of filters.

Thanks to them they are able to distribute the different sound waves of the low, medium and high frequencies through the different drivers designed to process each frequency range.

If we get technical, these are: woofer (bass), mid driver (midrange) and tweeter (treble).

In cases where the speaker has a driver for each frequency range, you will be looking at a three-way speaker.

The other option is the two-way option (tweeter and mid driver for mid and low frequencies).

The more ways, the better the quality of the frequency reproduction.

Something you’ll appreciate, especially when listening to music.


Purchase criteria

However, when it comes to choosing the ideal computer speakers, you may have difficulties.

That’s why we’ve put together this section.

Wired or wireless

The speakers can be wireless or wired.

More and more users are opting for the former.

They offer greater mobility.

However, wireless speakers with Bluetooth are more expensive.

Although this does not mean that there are not good options in terms of quality/price.

In addition, to choose between Bluetooth speakers you must take into account their profile.

In this sense, the codecs with which they are compatible are essential.

Broadly speaking, there are three types.

Depending on the sound quality, you will have to choose a model that is compatible with one codec or another.

Codecs on bluetooth speakers

SBC: Compatible with A2DP Bluetooth speakers The SBC codec is compatible with MP3 and AAC formats where indicated.

The audio has a bitrate of 320 Kbps (great for listening to music from streaming services).

It is capable of transmitting sample rates of 44.1 kHz and the audio it offers is of quite good quality, although inconsistent in the cheaper alternatives.

APTX: Encodes audio with superior efficiency It is capable of processing larger amounts of information and has several alternatives (APTX LL and APTX HD).

Suitable for computer speakers and high-end Bluetooth headphones, they are perfect if you are looking to reproduce sounds that go beyond songs.

AAC: Similar to the SBC. The difference lies mainly in the superior sound quality. More typical of loudspeakers than hearing aids. It has become popular thanks to the Apple iTunes platform.


Generally, the best computer speakers are compatible with all types of equipment.

Some tend to indicate that they are compatible with the latest versions of Windows or other operating systems.

However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t work on older versions.

However, this is not always the case.

Regarding the 5.1 speakers, you have to be very careful.

These types of speakers are not usually made with PC users in mind.

However, they are ideal if you are one of those who watch movies on the computer or enjoy surround sound in any multimedia content – find out before you buy one!

Power and quality

You are human and your eyes may go to those speakers that guarantee high power.

But power without control is useless.

In fact, many times companies highlight that sought-after power to cover up other shortcomings.

High power is not always synonymous with quality.

It is true that it is complex to determine the quality of a speaker without testing it first.

Even quality marks can be disappointing on a practical level.

However, almost all reputable options that feature 20 watts or more usually do.

These speakers will fill almost any room in your house.


If you’re old school, you’re probably thinking about buying some wired computer speakers.

However, they’re not all the same.

Each type of cable offers its pros and cons.

Of course, and regardless of this, the first thing you should check is compatibility.

Without it there is no purchase.

The AUX (3.5 mm) outputs are the most common.

On speakers of certain complexity you may need up to three AUX ports.

On the other hand, you have the RCA ones, not computer specific, but you can use them with adapters.

User type

This is a criterion of great importance.

Depending on what you want computer speakers for, you will have to decide one or the other.

  • Do you watch movies on your computer? Then maybe you should go for a 5.1 or a 2.1 mid/haigh range system.
  • Are you a gamer? Maybe a 2.1 or 2.0 mid/high range is enough.
  • Do you want to listen to music with a more or less decent quality? An inexpensive PC 2.0 speaker can help.
  • Do you make a big deal out of the bass? Then look for a 2.1 with a frequency range suited to it. If you like to customize the sound, you should buy one with several equalizers.


The best computer speakers don’t have to be a luxury.

However, whether you are looking for an affordable or mid/high range, to choose the right one you should do a previous study.

Not all types of speakers are suitable for your circumstances.

For example, there are noticeable differences in sound between the three types that are marketed (2.0, 2.1 and 5.1).

Also, you need to decide if you are looking for speakers that are more focused on music playback, movie watching, or gaming.

Whatever you choose, evaluate the different parameters of it such as power, impedance or frequency ranges.

Aspects on which we have tried to shed light throughout this content.

If you have enjoyed reading and found it useful, please feel free to leave us a comment or share it on one of your social networks such as Facebook or Twitter!

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