If you want to assemble a gaming computer with a budget of around $800, you can select some not too expensive components that still offer really good performance.

This configuration is with an Intel processor.

In addition, I also reported alternatives for each component, always 100% compatible with the PC.

We are not yet at a high level of gaming but compared to the configuration of 400 and 300 euros you will surely have greater performance.

So we think this configuration is the best in 2019 (of the moment).

You can also customize your configuration using the alternatives to get the best gaming pc build 2019 under 800.

Considering the price fluctuations on Amazon, you can also reach $850 euros.

So let’s start with the 2019 gaming pc build under 800 configuration.

Intel Gaming PC configuration with 500€

Recommended devices (not included in the budget)

Intel Processor of the Gaming PC with 500 euros

The processor I have chosen is an Intel Core i5 9400F with 6 cores and 6 threads, with a base frequency of 2.90 GHz which automatically reaches 4.10GHz if necessary.

It is a CPU that does not support overclocking because it has the multiplier locked, so you cannot increase the frequency manually.

It has 9 MB of cache memory and has a TDP consumption of 65 Watts. The production process with which it was made is at 14 nm.

Unlike many other processors, this model belongs to the F series which has the characteristic of not having the integrated video card.

This means that you must necessarily combine it with a dedicated video card.

This processor for your gaming PC has the Intel LGA 1151 socket and is compatible with DDR4 RAM memories up to a maximum of 64 GB.

It belongs to the series of eighth-generation Coffee Lake processors and is able to offer very good performances, considering the cost at which it is sold.

The CPU is exploited adequately even in the gaming field, so I was able to play even with demanding titles.

The consumption of the Intel 9400F is really highly optimized, thanks to a great optimization of the production process, which aims to be efficient and with low energy consumption.

It is sold with the included heat sink to which the thermal paste is already applied.

Similar alternative:

Intel Core i5 9400 (with integrated graphics)

More expensive top alternative:

Intel Core i5 9600K (requires heatsink and Z390 motherboard for overclocking)

Cheaper lower alternative:

Intel Core i3 9100F

Motherboard of your Gaming PC

The motherboard is an ASUS Prime B365M-K of Micro ATX format, compatible with the LGA1151 socket. Supports DDR4 RAM memories and USB 3.1 ports. This card has a B365 chipset, compatible with Coffee Lake CPU.

It offers basic functionality, but guarantees support with modern processors and the latest commercially available memories.

It is certainly a good card to assemble a PC with 500 euros, without too many advanced functions that often you will not even go to use.

It does not support overclocking, but it does not matter because even the processor I have indicated to you does not support it.

It has good quality HD audio to offer a valid sound experience even during gaming. Among the connections available on the motherboard panel there is also the DVI and VGA output.

However, you will not need it because you will use the video outputs of the graphics card that I will show you later.

Within the BIOS you can control all the parameters of the hardware components, monitoring the temperatures.

In addition, thanks to the 5X Protection III standard created by Asus, you have the security of having a motherboard with excellent electronic components.

The reduced Micro ATX dimensions allow this motherboard to be used even in particularly small houses in order to assemble a fairly compact configuration.

It has a good price considering its characteristics.

Similar alternative:
ASRock B365M Pro4

More expensive top alternative:
ASRock B365 Phantom Gaming 4 (ATX size)

Cheaper lower alternative:
There are currently no cheaper B365 Micro ATX.

RAM of the gaming PC

The RAM selected is the 8 GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 operating at 2666MHz.

It is a single 8GB module to save on the final expense.

If you prefer, you can use two 4 GB modules each to take advantage of the dual-channel technology present on the motherboard, which allows you to obtain higher performance in terms of bandwidth.

Crucial is definitely a reliable and quality brand.

They have a very low average consumption, which stands at 1.2 Volt.

They are low profile, therefore they are not bulky, they also have a simple but functional shape.

They have a gray heat sink, easily combined with the colors of the other components of the configuration.

The Crucial module certainly offers an excellent compromise between price and performance, not surprisingly they are among the best-selling memories on Amazon.

With 8 GB you can manage even the latest games to be installed on your gaming PC

Similar alternative:

Corsair Vengeance 8GB

More expensive top alternative:

Corsair Vengeance 16GB

Cheaper lower alternative:

Crucial 8GB

Grapich card for this Gaming configuration

For the video card I select an MSI RX 570 with 4 GB of memory, which has 1 HDMI, 3 DisplayPort and 1 DVI.

It is a card with a good quality / price ratio, capable of achieving good performance at an acceptable cost.

The maximum GPU frequency is 1268MHz achieved with an automatic overclock, while GDDR5 memories have a frequency of 7000MHz. This card has two fans which allows you to have good heat dissipation.

The fans automatically turn off if they do not exceed 60 degrees.

Here’s how some games run compared to other solutions. You can easily evaluate the number of FPS for each game indicated.

The gaming PC with 500 euros will have enough graphics power to manage games, even in Full HD.

Using the official MSI Afterburner software you can control all the parameters, even the frequency of the memories and the GPU by increasing them to overclock.

There is also support for DirectX12 to always have the best gaming experience and take advantage of the latest generation games.

Similar alternative:

XFX RX 570 4GB

More expensive top alternative:

MSI RX 580 8GB

Cheaper lower alternative:

ASRock RX 560 4GB


To speed up the loading time of applications and the operating system, you can take an SSD.

I suggest you the 256GB Silicon Power model with a good price / performance ratio. It is an M.2 type SSD with NVMe technology that allows you to have high read and write speeds.

Similar alternative:

Sabrent 256GB

More expensive top alternative:

Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250GB

Cheaper lower alternative:

Crucial MX500 250GB

Hard Disk

To store your data and install all the games you want on the gaming PC, you have a 1 TB Western Digital Blue hard disk, large enough to store any type of document.

It has a speed of 7200 rotations per minute, ideal for obtaining the right system speed.

If you want to assemble a PC with 500 euros even faster and more responsive, you can add the SSD indicated in the previous paragraph.

Similar alternative:

Seagate Barracuda 1TB

More expensive top alternative:

Western Digital 2TB

Cheaper lower alternative:

Western Digital 500GB

Power Supply for PC Gaming with 500€

The power supply that you can use for this configuration is an EVGA 500 Watt, which has a 12 cm fan for cooling. It can feed the entire system well without problems.

As you know, the quality of a power supply is essential to ensure a long life for your system.

If you want to save on the PC, do not cut the budget for the power supply, rather reduce the cost of the case, which does not affect the reliability of the computer.

Taking a poor quality model can also affect the function of the other components.

The EVGA model I have indicated to you is certified 80Plus Bronze to offer you high efficiency.

For the price at which it is sold it is certainly an excellent candidate for this configuration.

Similar alternative:

EVGA 500W 500Watt (80 Plus White)

More expensive top alternative:

EVGA 500BQ 500Watt

Cheaper lower alternative:

FSP Hexa + 500Watt

Case for PC gaming

For this PC I chose a Sharkoon S25-W case which also has two front USB 3.0 ports.

It is a model with good features considering the price.

It offers good build quality and ample space to insert the various hardware components.

If you want to save money and get a 500 euro gaming PC without greatly exceeding the budget, you can also choose an even cheaper case.

The case does not affect the performance of the system, but it may be important to buy a model with good build quality and good air flow.

The Sharkoon S25-W supports both Micro ATX and ATX motherboards. It is supplied with 3 pre-installed 120mm fans, two front inlet and one rear in extraction with LED.

By obtaining a good air circulation you can lower the temperatures of each component, such as video card and processor.

The case I suggested supports all-in-one liquid dissipation systems, which you could perhaps add in the future if you want to choose an overclockable or more powerful processor.

It also has a transparent side panel to view the components.

Similar alternative:

Aerocool Aero-500

More expensive top alternative:

Corsair Spec 01

Cheaper lower alternative:

Sharkoon VS4-W


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