PC Joypad: What’s the best of 2020?

PC Joypad: What's the best of 2020? 1

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Since the video game business took its big leap in the 1970s and landed in homes, the entertainment industry has changed forever.

Among the great accessories that were developed because of this expansion, few were as resounding as the arrival of joypad.

Do you know what we are talking about?

In this guide we have prepared the information you need to know.

Thanks to video games, we can capture multiple virtual realities on a PC.

But using the keyboard as a means of interaction was not enough.

For this reason, the PC joypad was born; a kind of joypad that improves the gaming experience, makes it easier and, of course, adds really amazing innovations.

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  • A PC joypad used to joypad video games or virtual scenarios on a personal computer.
  • Many of these joypads are wired. The newer ones are wireless (have batteries). They are designed not only to better joypads the video games installed on the PC, but to increase their realism and improve the experience. It is important to check their compatibility with our computers.
  • PC joypads come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Also, depending on the model, they have different functions for the movements that are made, they have buttons, and they offer excellent different benefits.

The best PC joypad on the market: our recommendations

Experiencing the maximum emotions in a video game is everything for a gamer.

In addition to having talent and a challenging game, you need to have a PC joypad that is truly quality.

There are different models with functions and designs that can involve anyone and certainly you.

For this reason, we have prepared the following list of the best PC joypads to help you with your purchase selection.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

  • The most recommended PC joypad.
  • The PC joypad with the longest battery life.
  • The best joypad for every gamer.
  • The best joypad that will give you the most realistic feeling.

The most recommended PC Joypad

Enjoy the great design and benefits of the Xbox joypad.

Experience the increased comfort and feel of the new Xbox Wireless joypad, with a sleek, streamlined design and textured grip.

Enjoy custom button assignment and a dual wireless range.

Plug any compatible headphones into the 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack.

It features Bluetooth technology.

Where to buy

The PC Joypad with the longest battery life

You, who love long hours of video games, will surely need a joypad that has a battery that is too long to interrupt your fun.

SteelSeries has come to meet that need of yours with its unparalleled joypad that will give you 40 hours of gameplay.

Includes two AA batteries.

The joypad is compatible with Android, Windows, Steam and VR with X Input, and Microsoft Direct Input.

Where to buy

The best Joypad for every gamer

Fall in love with the amazing design of the ZD-V PC joypad, a perfect joypad for every gamer.

The device is compatible with Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 & PlayStation 3 & Steam.

The device features the Plug and Play function, which is only available for PC games that support X Input / PlayStation 3 mode.

Spend hours of fun with this joypad and get the ultimate experience.

You’ll love it.

Where to buy

The best Joypad that will give you the most realistic feeling

Fall in love with the amazing design of the Logitech Gamepad 710, which will give you the most realistic feel.

Its vibration response lets you feel every bump, crash, and explosion in your PC games-without having to use wires that get in your way.

Play with the fast and reliable 2.4 GHz wireless technology and let yourself be enveloped by your emotions.

The device works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Where to buy

Shopping Guide: What you need to know about PC Joypad

The market for PC joypad has grown a lot since the video game industry positioned itself as one of the most profitable in the world.

Moreover, as the gamer universe is as varied as each user, the models differ greatly and knowing which one suits us is not always easy.

This section covers the most common questions about these joysticks.

What are PC joypads to be exact?

PC joypads, also called joysticks or joypad, are input peripherals used to operate the device to which they are connected.

Although they were born in flight cabins to assist civilian and military aircraft, they soon became popular in the world of gaming (video game consoles and personal computers).

What are the typical elements of a PC joypad?

Since they began to be incorporated into video game consoles and later personal computers, the joypad have evolved in design, functions and benefits.

Depending on the types of games and compatibility with different operating systems, joypad include different elements. Among them are the following.

  • Lever.
  • Base.
  • Fire Button.
  • Directional Button.
  • Additional buttons.
  • Self-Trip Switches.
  • Accelerator.

Why use a PC joypad instead of the keyboard?

While the ultimate peripheral that allows you to use a personal computer is the keyboard, when it comes to the world of gaming the same rules do not apply as for other computer functions.

Many users still use the keyboard for their video games, but the use of PC joypad is growing steadily.

The following table compares both peripherals.

What does it mean that the PC joypad have the Plug & Play system?

It means that the joystick works with a technology that allows it to connect to the desktop computer without having to make any settings.

The vast majority of PC joypad automatically detect the device they can be connected to at the touch of a button.


How do I set up the PC joypads if they do not have a Plug & Play system?

Most PC joypads are Plug & Play, so they are automatically recognized when connected and are immediately ready for use.

No additional settings or downloads are required under these circumstances.

However, if your PC joypad does not have this system, there are a number of steps to follow:

  1. Plug the USB end of the joypad cable into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Click on the start menu of the joypad.
  3. On the computer, look for the “Control Panel” option to search for connected external devices.
  4. Click on the “OK” button on the joypad to accept the connection made.

Are wireless PC joypad better?

Are wireless PC joypad better?

There are some joypads that use cables to operate, but there are also wireless models.

While everyone knows the advantages of having electronic devices that don’t need cables, that doesn’t mean that the former aren’t useful.

The following table shows some features of both types of joypads.

What wireless connection system do the PC joypads use?

Some joypads have a wireless USB receiver and others use Bluetooth technology.

While the latter are quite useful for connecting to smartphones, tablets and computers with ease, some are not compatible with the same version of Bluetooth that the device has.

This means that you should check this aspect before buying a model.

Both types of wireless connection are effective.

To find out which version of Bluetooth you have, you should check your device’s configuration or settings.

If you are not sure about compatibility, it is best to choose wired PC joypads via USB, which are often included in the purchase.

Why are the buttons on the PC joypads so important?

After the lever itself, the buttons are the most important elements of a PC joypad.

In fact, as the types of video games have evolved, there have been models of joypads that only have buttons.

Therefore, you should check that the sensitivity when pressing is adequate so as not to wear them out with prolonged use.

In general, the button layout is quite practical.

On the left side there are usually the classic buttons that are used to make the video game character jump, run or shoot.

The top buttons are used to add valuable functions to the games.

And the select, start and home buttons are, of course, necessary for settings and uses.

Can PC joypads be used in areas other than video games?

Of course!

Although the gaming universe is the most popular environment for joypads, today’s manufacturers want to take into account other types of users.

That’s why many models have added multimedia buttons that can be used to play music or movies, to turn the sound up and down, or even as remote joypads for a Smart TV.

What is the typical range of PC joypads?

Generally, wireless joypads use lithium batteries.

These do not always have the same autonomy.

Some models provide more than 10 hours of continuous use, others more than 20 hours, and there are some that do not reach 5 hours.

One aspect to consider is the advantage of rechargeable batteries, which will prevent you from successive purchases.

If you are a professional gamer or spend many hours a day playing, you may need the model that has more autonomy.

Another alternative, if you don’t mind the cables, is to buy a PC joypad with a USB cable.

This will ensure uninterrupted hours of gaming and you won’t have to worry about power consumption or running out of battery.

What does it mean if the PC joypads have xInput or DirectInput connectivity?

They refer to the drivers that make the connection possible.

xInput connectivity is provided by, for example, the Xbox 360 video game console.

It is for Microsoft games that have buttons similar to the Xbox.

Direct Input mode is for the computer to recognize the joypad as generic, making it compatible with almost any game.

Purchase criteria

Being a gamer is a lifestyle.

Video games are part of our daily lives, and we spend more and more hours on them.

PC joypads help us to improve that experience, but we won’t always get the same with just any model.

Although they may depend on our use and profile, there are aspects that we cannot overlook.

In this section, we summarize the most important ones.

  • Design.
  • Autonomy.
  • Buttons.
  • Multimedia features.
  • Wireless connection.
  • Compatibility.


PC Joypads are controlled by hand, so the first aspect to consider is that the design is versatile, easy to grip and does not get tired after long hours of use.

They must be non-slip and the layout of the buttons and levers must be optimal so that the joypad offers the highest standards of quality and comfort.


If we opt for wireless PC joypads, as most new models do, we have to ensure that they provide us with considerable autonomy in use.

No one likes to interrupt their game by running out of battery.

Therefore, we recommend purchasing joysticks with a range of at least 5 hours of use.


As mentioned above, the buttons on a PC joypad are basic elements of the gaming experience.

We should not only pay attention to the number of buttons available (although this is an important aspect), but also to their distribution on the joypad and the functions they offer during use.

Multimedia features

There is life outside the gaming world.

PC’s joypads must respond to this reality.

Today we use our computers for many things besides gaming.

That is why if we find a joypad model that allows us to play music or movies, it is a plus that we should take into account before making the purchase.

Wireless connection

In a hyper-connected world overrun by wires, having an extra electronic device that doesn’t use wires is a relief.

While USB wired PC joypads don’t compromise on quality and can be very useful and effective, the convenience provided by wireless models is undeniable.

You also need to pay attention to the type of wireless technology used.


An important aspect before buying a PC joypad is to check the compatibility of the device with our computer.

Usually the product description lists the operating systems it is compatible with.

This information is essential, because if we don’t check the data, it may be that we can’t configure the joypad.


The video game industry would never have been the same without the emergence and evolution of joypad.

When this kind of entertainment extended to personal computers as well, the offerings of quality joysticks skyrocketed.

Today we have these valuable devices to enhance our gaming experience and increase realism.

PC Joypad have different designs and functions, according to our profile as players.

Some work via USB cable and others, the most modern ones, are totally wireless, although with different degrees of autonomy.

The installation and configuration of the joypads is very simple, especially if they have the Plug & Play system.

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Let’s start playing!

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