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CCleaner (originally Crap Cleaner), developed by Piriform (a company acquired by Avast in 2017), is a utility used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer. It is one of the longest-established system cleaners, first launched in 2004.

Piriform CCleaner is a free system tool that removes unnecessary or redundant files, fixes errors and optimizes software to speed up your PC and protect your privacy. It’s some of the most popular free PC optimation software around, and for good reason.

Simply select a drive to scan it, and CCleaner will show you how much space you can save, and which tweaks it can make. Choose what to remove or fix, and the software will do the rest.

CCleaner also boasts a registry cleaner to remove unused entries and correct errors that could slow down your PC, plus a secure file shredder for erasing confidential information.

What exactly does it do?

CCleaner thoroughly cleans your Computer. Delete useless files like Log Files, Error Reports, Unused Cache, Recycle Bin, UWP App useless data, and much more. This way your computer will be more efficient. And not only does, CCleaner clean and repair damaged Windows registry files. With a clean and healthy registry, it is possible to solve many common errors such as Windows Update errors and so on. Do you think CCleaner just does these things? not. CCleaner has integrated a Software Updater, which automatically updates all the programs that are not updated on your Computer.

CCleaner exactly can:

  • Repair Windows Registry
  • Clean Windows Reporting Files, Windows Error and Log Files
  • Clean DNS cache
  • Solve common errors
  • Update all out-dated software
  • Wipe Free-Space
  • Optimize the local storage
  • Clean all popular browser like Chrome and Firefox
  • Complete uninstall bundleware
  • Manage programs set when your Computer start
  • Find and Clean Duplicate Files
  • Clean popular programs like FileZilla, Adobe Flash, Adobe Air, Java, WinRAR, 7-Zip and more!

CCleaner Free Review

Offers many advantages compared to its competitors. CCleaner Free is a perfect All-In-One for your Computer. CCleaner Free is completely free and without ads. You can use CCleaner Free to keep your Computer healthy and clean.

How to clean my Computer with CCleaner Free

It’s very simple, First of all, you need to install CCleaner on your computer. You can download it directly by clicking here. If you don’t know how to install a program on Windows try our guide.

After installing, this is how it looks at the first start.

ccleaner free

Let’s start with the basics. CCleaner has an excellent graphical interface that facilitates use by the user. First of all to generally clean the Computer, simply click on “Analyze”. CCleaner will thoroughly scan your computer for useless files and so on.

When CCleaner scans your computer, this is how it should look.

ccleaner scan

A scan can last between 2 and 5 minutes depending on the number of files and the performance of your computer. Once the scan is finished, CCleaner will show you all the useless files found ready to be deleted.

ccleaner clean all

Then click on “Clean All” and you’re done!

We recommend that you clean your computer regularly. For example every 2 – 3 days, and after a Windows update. This is all the essentials to keep your computer clean.

How to repair the Windows Registry with CCleaner Free (bonus)

CCleaner is able to clean and repair the Windows Registry. It is very important to have the Windows Registry clean and free of corrupt or damaged files. To do it it’s even easier to clean.

First of all, go to the “register” option. This is how it should look.

ccleaner registry

Then, click on “Scan for Issue”. CCleaner will analyze your Windows registry looking for errors, missing registers, damaged and corrupted registers and so on. Once the scan is finished, CCleaner will show you all the issues found ready to be cleaned and corrected.

ccleaner registry analyzed

Then click on “Fix selected issues…”. CCleaner prompts you if you want to back-up the registry. A back-up is needed when Windows does not work properly after repairing the Windows registry. We have never heard “CCleaner destroy the Windows registry” or similar, and we have been using CCleaner since 2015 and we have never had any problems so you can skip Back-Up without any problem.

ccleaner registry backup

If you don’t trust CCleaner, then click on “yes”. CCleaner will back up the Windows registry. CCleaner will ask you where to save the current Windows registry.

ccleaner registry backup file explorer

Once saving the back-up. This is how it should look.

ccleaner registry clean

Don’t be afraid of this window. The fastest way to fix everything quickly is to click “Fix All Selected Issues”. So CCleaner completely repairs the Windows registry.

We recommend that you repair the registry once a week. In this way, you will solve many critical Windows registry problems.

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