WordPress translations can slow your WordPress site.

You need to update it and if you don’t really need those translations is really boring.

In this post, we gonna explain how to delete WordPress translations.

Let’s get started.

What are WordPress Translations

WordPress translations are files that are used by WordPress, plugins, themes to display that language.

WordPress translations are mostly used by translation plugins like TranslatePress or Weglot.

The only problem of WordPress translations is that may slow your WordPress site.

Just because you need to update it constantly.

Also because WordPress needs to work more.

Should I delete WordPress Translations

Of course!

If you have deleted a translate plugin or you don’t just use a single language on your WordPress site is recommended delete it.

So let’s see how 🙂

Deleting WordPress Translations

First of all, you need an FTP client.
We recommend FileZilla, is open source and the most popular 😉

If you don’t know anything about FTP or FileZilla WPBeginner made a full beginner guide.

So let’s how to delete WordPress Translations.

Log into the WordPress root directory.

Then go to “WP-Content” then “languages“.

You will see something like this:

FileZilla FTP WP Translations 1

The files that start with “admin” are the admin translations.

Everything you need to do is delete all these translation files that are not the language you use.

Remember to not delete the translation files of the language you speak.

When you are done you should see something like that.

If you can see there are 3 directories: “themes”, “plugins”, and “loco”.

If you don’t have one or more of these directories it’s normal.

It depends on the by the WordPress installation.

Then all you need to do is delete all those directories.

Then you are done 🙂


That’s all we know for now :3

Remember that we constantly update this post like the others.

Hope this post helped you someway.

Thanks for reading.

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