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Fake memory cards are out there and identifying one is sometimes hard.

I recently got burnt but managed to chronicle how I knew the card was a fake.

Follow these step by step instructions to determine if your Samsung Micro SD Card is a fake or not.

Let’s get started!

1. Check the SD Card Adaptor

Before even opening the Samsung Micro SD Card packaging, have a look at the SD Card Adaptor.

Pay close attention to the printing of the words.

Check to see there is not misprinting as this is a quality control issue that wouldn’t escape a real Samsung Micro SD Card Adaptor.

If it text also doesn’t have really sharp crisp edges, then you may be looking at a fake.

2. Check the Hole Punch on the Packaging

Generally, every Samsung Micro SD Memory Card that I have purchased had the hole punched out of the top of the packaging.

If your doesn’t, then this could be another sign that the memory card is fake.

It’s not a complete positive, but it does lean more towards the side of being a Fake Samsung Micro SD Card.

3. Check the Samsung Micro SD Card Quality

On closer observation, the edges of the Fake Samsung Micro SD Card was black.

On all official Samsung Micro SD Card, the plastic edging is white. When they manufacture the fake micro sd cards, the costs involved to have the edges white is too expensive, so this is another giveaway.

Black edges on a Samsung Micro SD Card always means it’s a fake. Also check the text sharpness on the face of the micro sd card.

If this is not sharp or a little bit off, you can guarantee that it would not have passed Samsung’s quality control.

4. Check You Model Code on the Back of the Packaging

If you have a look at the bottom right hand side of the packaging, you will notice a Model Code.

Something like MB-MG32EA/EU or MB-MF32DA/AM or MB-MS32D/CN

The /EU means the product is meant for sale in Europe and Australia.

The /AM means the product is meant for sale in America.

The /CN means this product is meant for sale in China.

If you don’t live in China and you receive a Samsung Micro SD Card with the model code ending in CN then you could be a victim of a fake micro sd card.

5. Check the Made in Statement on the Back of the Packaging

On the bottom left hand side of the packaging is the statement of where the product was made. Official Samsung Micro SD Cards are generally Made In Philippines and will also be followed by:

Adapter made in China and guaranteed for 1 year

The fake memory card I received was Made In Korea and did not have the adapter warranty line.

6. Testing the Samsung Micro SD Card on the Computer

Download the H2TestW software to check if the capacity of the Micro SD Card is correct.

The 32GB Micro SD Card I got failed after testing 16GB.

Counterfieters are able to modify the cards reported storage so it may appear on the computer to be 32GB but once it’s tested with H2TestW, the results clearly show it is only 16GB.


That’s all we know for now :3

Remember that we constantly update this post like the others.

Hope this post helped you someway.

Thanks for reading.

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