Today’s there are millions and millions of blog sites.

And if you want to start a blog our blog Wikicat or whatever for your agency or necessities, the only way and thing you need is a website.

With a website like other websites, you can rank on Google and start convert.

In this article, we gonna talk about what do you need to know about how to blog correctly and how to be a good competitor to the other blogs in 2020.

Yes 2020 you are not too late.

Let’s get started!


First of all to start a good website is have the best hosting provider that host your WordPress site.

Then then here is all you need to know to start blogging correctly:

  • Understand what SEO is.
  • Understand what is my niche.
  • How to create nice content.
  • How to use SEO Tools.
  • Best SEO practices.
  • How to team with other blogs.

Let’s start with SEO.

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the key and also the best method to get organic traffic.

With the content optimized for search engines, you just get free traffic from them.

Pretty easy eh?

Not that much.

SEO is really difficult to understand and also difficult to do.

It does not just install a WordPress plugin and that’s it, do keyword research, or add a meta description.

But wait, here is the best way to understand SEO.

First of all, you need to open your brain understanding of SEO.

To be an SEO Guru you need to understand how SEO works.

SEO is when you:

  • Optimize your content and your niche.
  • Optimize your website performance.
  • Optimize your website viewability for Mobile and Desktop visitors.
  • Secure your WordPress backend

Optimize your content and niche

By optimizing your content and niche you can drastically grow on Google.

Because Google can understand what is the niche of the website and also by optimizing your content Google can index faster your content.

Everything is based on what do you know and your experience.

For example, we started in 2019 and the first article we made was “How to change WordPress Salt Keys”.

If you search on Google it will appear on the first or second page.

Here is why.

First of all, we started to research.

We get hacked several times just because our WordPress installation didn’t have Salt Keys.

Then based on our experience we created the article.

We said what’s happened to us and why is really important.

We also added pictures showing what are Salt Keys.

And boom. That’s it.

Our article was on the second page on Google like in two days.

P.S. Also when your content doesn’t have grammar misspelling Google can index your content quickly without any problem.

P.P.S. Also check this article about how to write good content articles.

P.P.P.S WPBeginner also made that nice article for beginners.

Optimize your website performance


Ok, performance, site speed, and optimization.

I know a lot of neighbors that just say “Uhh” about optimization.

Look at our site, smooth, fast, it loads in just a couple of seconds…

Do you like it?

Of course!

People love when websites are fast like Turbo, and also Google.

Google index the fastest website based on the position and network latency of who is searching.

That means that you need a CDN to provide your site global and optimize your site.

I really need to say it, optimize your WordPress site is easier than you can think.
Really I’m not kidding, just need a couple of plugins that are mostly plugin and play and easy to understand.

So here are some articles we made to make your WordPress faster like a panther.

Optimze your website viewability for Mobile and Desktop viewvers

Optimize your site for viewability is really difficult I know.

But by doing it properly it just grove your site on Google.

All you need is a good theme for your site that is heavy and responsive.

Slow themes are usually themed that everyone downloads (so in short not so original also) that are slow like a turtle.

There is a free good theme for WordPress, for example, Themeisle creates a couple of themes that meet all about viewability.

The problem is Mobile you know.

Mobile devices are smaller than Desktop.

The question is how to do both with one theme?

You don’t need to install more themes on your WordPress site.

You need AMP.

Accelerated Mobile Page is the best choice provided by Google (of course Google).

With WordPress and AMP, it’s like glue for Google.

Also, you need to optimize the images on your site.

Here is all you need:

Secure your WordPress backend


More secure is your WordPress backend and site Google trusts your site.

That’s it, I said that.

Yes, security.

You know is like how secure NordVPN or Namecheap is.

You will never trust a site that is always being attacked by hackers.

Google can really “bull” you and your site by not showing any of your content on Google and maybe also other search engines.

So here is everything you need to secure your site correctly and properly:

P.S. Check this article because is a full step-by-step tutorial.

Best free real SEO Tools for 2020 that works

Just because you see the word “Free”, “Best Free SEO …”, and stuff doesn’t mean it will really help you.

Yeah, the only thing that service can do is give you a checklist with all you need to do SEO but not showing anything.

You always need to search, and search, and search… and uhh.

It’s like a limbo on Google about SEO, not better if you don’t know the right keywords to search the right article.

So let’s see.


Yes 🙂

Our SEO research is bigger than you can think.

I have a 2GB directory only for SEO.

But you know what?

I deleted it when I finally find those beautiful persons that know that stuff.

You may know who I’m talking about.

Neil Patel, and Sam Oh Ahrefs.

They know anything about SEO.

So, my experience seeing their videos I was like “uhh what’s this :/” and “OMG I didn’t know it’s like that :o” and also “Why does Google want it like that >:v”

But then, here is my website always growing more on Google.

Here is all you need 🙂

How to team with other blogs

Team with other blogs to get free high-quality backlinks is one of the best ways to grow significantly on Google.

It is not that hard.

Here is a start:

Hey, I saw you made that SEO article %URL% and I’m very impressed with it.

It helped me a lot with my SEO strategy.

So I made that SEO article based on my experience %URL%.

I hope you like it and it helps you with your SEO strategy.




That’s a nice beginning to approach with other blog owners, like that you can make your competitors’ friends and also team with them.

Like you create an article related to an article of your friends.

And no it’s not the first time 🙂

Also, The New York Times and BBC do that to help beginners and small blogs.



That’s all you need to start blog correctly.

So I hope I helped you to grow your WordPress site.

Fell free to ask me about anything you need by writing a comment bellow.

Thanks for reading, remember to help us by sharing our article on your prefered social networks.


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