How to Update all programs on Windows

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Keeping all programs up to date on Windows is very difficult, especially if you have many programs installed. Have you ever wondered if there is a program similar to Google Play Store but for Windows? well, you’ve found the right article.

Why should I update the programs

Updating programs is very important, first of all, keeping the entire operating system up-to-date is very important, updating a program can fix bugs and glitches, change the look and feel and so on.

How can I update them all

PatchMyPC is a completely free program for home users. PatchMyPC can update the most common programs like Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Flash Player, Java and so on.

How it works

PatchMyPC checks the programs installed on the computer, then compares the versions with the current ones. Then download the update and install it silently.

Sometimes it will not install silently so you will have to complete the Setup Wizard manually.

What programs can you update
  1. Adobe Flash Player
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. IObit Driver Booster
  5. Driver Easy

up to 301!

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