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Completely mouse-driven; click on golden circles to control your planes! In-game tutorial for help.

Top-down turn-based aerial dogfighting! What more could you ask for from a game?

Future versions will have plane upgrades, pilot experience points, and multiplayer.. But only if you guys really like the game :3



April 1st:
– If you are having trouble with your saves, press “F” on the main menu and let me know what happens. Hopefully it will fix things for you. Crossing my fingers!

March 29th:
– Fixed “O” menu giving you the badge

March 27th:
– Fixed badges. Woops, typo 🙁 Sorry
– Fixed savegame losses. Looks like Kongregate isn’t happy when I rename the file :3 Thanks for all the 1/5s guys. :~(
– Press “O” on the TimeLine menu to open a cheat menu. If you are having problems getting past the tutorial or restoring your save, this might help until I get a fix in.


March 26th:
– Reduced memory consumption, fixed most memory leaks. Late game should perform better now.
– Made mousewheel not scroll the page in SOME BROWSERS/setups, but not all. If anyone has a foolproof fix, let me know!


March 24th:
-Fixed the Credits Screen bug.


For those having problems not getting past the tutorial, or having progress reset: Your “Flash Locally Stored Data” is getting wiped. I’M LOOKING INTO MAKING A WORKAROUND FOR THIS. Things to try in the meantime:

– Make sure your browser allows storing these files and isn’t in “sandbox” mode
– Make sure your OS allows flash/browser to write to that part of the hard drive
– Make sure your antivirus software isn’t wiping it.

Sometimes your computer confuses my savegame for a “Tracking Cookie” that some malicious ads use to invade your privacy. I’m safe, I swear! 🙂

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