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The Tesla Cybertruck isn’t the only electric vehicle that’s making waves. The Mercedes-Benz EQC always had the interest of ‘petrolheads’ since the start, but now they’ve even got the attention of music fans by getting Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd on board.

The Canadian artiste starred in the Mercedes-Benz EQC promo film and was even creatively involved in making it. The video showcases Mercedes’ brand-new EQC with The Weeknd driving the car around the city in the night. The video beautifully pays homage to the first few Mercedes cars and conveys the journey of the German carmaker. You get to hear The Weeknd’s latest single Blinding Lights throughout the video. He announced he would be working with the German carmaker on his social media before dropping the video.


As Complex points out, The Weeknd features in a new Mercedes Benz commercial — as does a snippet of his new music. There’s been no word of new music from The Weeknd since the release of his My Dear Melancholy EP, but this commercial features a new track supposedly called “Blinding Lights,” hinted at by the fact that The Weeknd says “Mercedes, play ‘Blinding Lights’” in the commercial.

The commercial teases that the “full” version of the commercial will be released on November 29th, undoubtedly featuring more of the song and more of The Weeknd. Watch the full commercial below.

The artiste is on the road to release his next album and dropped his first single this week and released his second one along with the EQC promo film. Listen to both the fresh, new releases below:

The Weeknd's Latest Music



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