How to Stop Windows 10 Pop Up Ads

how to stop pop ups on windows 10

You can block ads in your web browser using an integrated pop-up blocker or third-party ad-blocking software applications. However, if you are seeing random pop up ads on your Windows 10 computer even when you’re not browsing the web, those tactics will not work. Learn how to disable ads and stop pop-ups in different areas of Windows 10. Block Pop-Ups…

CCleaner Free 2019 Review

ccleaner logo big

What is CCleaner CCleaner (originally Crap Cleaner), developed by Piriform (a company acquired by Avast in 2017), is a utility used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer. It is one of the longest-established system cleaners, first launched in 2004. Piriform CCleaner is a free system tool that removes unnecessary or redundant files, fixes…

How to Update all programs on Windows

How to update all programs on Windows Keeping all programs up to date on Windows is very difficult, especially if you have many programs installed. Have you ever wondered if there is a program similar to Google Play Store but for Windows? well, you’ve found the right article. Why should I update the programs Updating programs is very important, first…

How to Repair Windows 10 using CMD

windows repair

What is Windows Windows is a proprietary operating system of Microsoft Corporation. One of the first Operating Systems in the world. Currently (in 2019) Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows as confirmed by Microsoft’s latest version. Microsoft does not intend to end Windows, contrary Microsoft will continue to update Windows 10 at least until 2025. Windows Problems and…

What is an Anti-Malware

anti malware

What is an Anti-Malware An Anti-Malware is a program or application that acts as the protector of the Operating System (OS). Today, Anti-Malware software  (also called Anti-Virus)  is an important part of protecting our computers and our private lives. Anti-virus applications keep our computers safe from more than just viruses; it also fends off spyware, Trojans and other forms of…


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